Cinematic Music

Emotional and unique cinematic music written by Courtney King. My style of compositions are very diverse which use instruments and music theory from all corners of the world.


About Courtney King

In the Mind of a Composer

I am a final year student, studying Music Composition and Technology for film and game at the University of Hertfordshire. 

I grew up in a small village in Kent, where my love of music began, which was through the first instrument I learnt to play. The ocarina at age 7. At age 12, I moved to Hastings, where I learnt how to play piano (learning how to read sheet music by myself) and later having guitar lessons at age 15.

I spent 3 years at college, expanding my music theory and gaining new knowledge on music production and technology. Through these educational experiences I have realised I have gained enough knowledge to pursue a career in Cinematic Music. 

Now, in my final year, I have taken all the musical teachings I have learnt, over the last 7 years, to fine tune my music and create my own, personal style. Everything I write includes some sort of world music influence. Whether that be the instruments or the music theory itself. I would describe my compositions as exotic, eclectic and very cinematic, which will bring something unique and refreshing to the industry.

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